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located at: 908 Frank Smith Road, Toutle, WA 98649

After working as a fish and wildlife biologist around the Pacific Northwest for more than 24 years, I formed Beacon Hill Biological Services in the beautiful Toutle River valley in the shadow of Mt. St. Helens to fulfill my passion for biology and meet the niche needs of our customers.  About me

Our goal and mission statement is to provide the finest customer service possible.  Our company has four main divisions: 1. skull preparation for hunters and collectors along with skeletal articulations for museums and zoos, 2. biological education experiences for school kids and teachers, 3. environmental consulting services, and 4. forensic osteology assistance.

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  •  SkullDuggery - Skull and skeleton preparations

  •  BioEducation - Biology education experiences for K-12
  •  Forensics - Forensic osteology (analysis of bones and bone fragments)
  •  Consulting - Environmental Consulting and Permit Assistance

We specialize in PNW biology, education, and skull preparations using dermestid beetles, forensic osteology and environmental consulting.

We look forward to serving your biological needs. Please check out our multiple divisions, testimonials, curricula, the skull preparation price list, disarticulated skeletons for sale, skull shipping information, educational fee schedule, and especially don't miss the photo album!

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