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 Forensic Osteology

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This division of Beacon Hill Biological Services is dedicated to the task of using comparative human osteological material i.e., skulls and skeletons to identify and cross reference unidentified bones.  This task is one that we have trained for at the university level with courses in Human Osteology and Osteometry, Physical Anthropology, Human Skeletal Material in Forensic Medicine, and others.  We maintain a large reference collection of both human and animal specimens, including both appendicular and axial skeletal material from both male and female. 

Source material may come from the hunter in the forest, the contractor digging a ditch, the homeowner working in the yard, or from various police and law enforcement agencies.  Unfortunately, the work is only marginally as depicted in popular television shows, like "CSI" or "Bones."  Our specialty is identifying whether recovered osteological material is human or animal, male or female, child or adult.  Using tables of bone lengths and sizes we can estimate stature, and in some cases, race.  In determining cause of death, etc., we leave that to the coroners and the forensic specialists.

We also have the capability to prepare and curate human remains as osteological specimens, with proper permit and authorizations.  Feel free to contact us via e-mail for fees and pricing information or call us at (360) 749-9814.