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Bob has been a volunteer teacher in my classroom for the past ten years. From the moment he enters, the kids are riveted to his every word, because Bob’s enthusiasm and great sense of humor make learning a pleasure. He immediately establishes a fun rapport with the students. Mr. Bicknell has a fantastic background to promote the importance of habitat to fish and wildlife species. As an added bonus, Bob can bring in his skull collection to show differences between animals. He has plenty of humorous stories, including a dead snake that “woke up” while he was working on it. His presentations are memorable, as former students of mine will often mention him, even years later. Bob Bicknell is a dynamic speaker who has always been a highlight in my classroom. I wish we could clone him. - Bob Lucas, Coweeman Jr High, Kelso, WA

We have heard nothing but glowing reports about the Skull and Bones presentations.  The students are thrilled, and one mother told me her son is still constantly talking about it.  The teachers are enthusiastic as well.  Mrs. Washburn told me it was a wonderful program and later turned into a great writing exercise. - Rebecca Vader, PTSA President, University Place Primary, University Place, WA

Thank you very much for your help with the 21st Longview Fifth Grade Forestry Days. You helped provide them a real hand-on learning experience, which they will remember for a long time.- Zoanne Aylesworth, Washington State Department of Natural Resources

Your contribution to the Forestry Jubilee was part of a huge success for scouting and the forest industry. 25% of the evaluations listed you as the highlight. Thanks so much.- Bob Johnstone, Tumwater Council, Boy Scouts of America Jamboree

Dear Mr. Bob, Thank you for the bear skull.  It is cool.  Thank you for coming to our school and taking time to give us a presentation. It was so fun seeing the skulls. Sincerely, Matt  - (First grader, University Place Primary)

Dear Mr. Bicknell (Mr. Habitat) – Our Class really enjoyed you coming and showing us the slides of animals and your hands. We really liked the stories that you told and the skulls were awesome.– Chris, fifth grader, Kelso, WA