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Bob Bicknell, owner of Beacon Hill Biological Services, ( is a specialist in Osteology, Skulls and Skeletons.  Bob spent his undergraduate years at Michigan State, earning his B.S. in Zoology in ’76 and starting his dermestid colonies prior to graduation.  He moved to the University of Oregon to pursue a masters degree in Physical Anthropology, studying the ring-tailed lemurs of Madagascar.  Since there weren’t many jobs studying lemurs, he did what many hungry bios do and went to work for the Washington Department of Game, now the department of Fish and Wildlife. 

He spent his 23 year career working with owls, trout, steelhead, salamanders, and regulations, and gave up the glamorous life of a state regulatory biologist to pursue his avocations, cleaning and articulating skulls and skeletons, teaching, forensic osteology, and consulting biology.  He is pictured here with the skull of “Cindy” an Indian elephant that he prepared for the Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium. He has cleaned and curated whales and elephant, shrews and snakes and everything in between. 

Bob is happily married to his beautiful wife of 28 years, Kristen, has four beautiful daughters and soon-to-be four, granddaughters.  Bob is a committed Christian, an avid hunter, and an all-around decent guy.

Call him at (360) 749-9814