Skull Duggery Bio Education Forensics Consulting



Fish & Wildlife Biology 101 - (as specific or generic as needed)

Amphibian Communities and Ecology in Washington

Bats and Vampires - Fact or Fiction?

Owl Biology and Owl Pellets – The “Ick” Factor

Salmon Biology - From Egg to Carcass 

Threatened and Endangered Species Biology

Comparative Anatomy of Vertebrates

Elementary Paleontology, extricating skeletons from faux rock

Skulls and skeletons, with amphibians, reptiles, birds, mammals

What is ”Habitat”? Do slugs need the same things as boys and girls?

Riparian Habitat - What is it and why is it so important?

Wetland Ecology and the Critters That Depend on It

Mt. St. Helens and post-blast Recovery

This is only a sampling of previous programs that we have done. Naturally, we can tailor presentations to whatever fish and/or wildlife biology needs you may have.  We bring a broad biological background that ranges from working on a Japanese fishing trawler in the Bering Sea, to calling spotted owls (just like in the children’s book Owl Moon by Jane Yolen (link)), to capturing deer, to collecting salmon carcasses, to skull and skeleton preparation, to climbing trees to check on hawk nests, to … Well, you get the idea. I hope this conveys a bit of what is available from our firm and has piqued your interest.

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