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(current as of November 25, 2008)

These prices include cleaning with dermestid (museum) beetles, whitening, and degreasing (if necessary.)  If you wish to whiten and degrease the specimen yourself, please contact us for the appropriate price reduction. However, we recommend against doing this work yourself, because we are well equipped with the appropriate chemicals, facilities, and expertise to produce the finest specimens on the market.

We also produce skeletons for study or display. Click on this link to see our disarticulated skeleton price list. If you need an articulated skeleton, please call or e-mail here.  Shop rates for skeletal articulation is $65 per hour. 

Click on any species below for a photo of what yours will look like.











For shipping instructions and the shipping address, click here.


$  22


$  32


$  25

  Deer, doe

$  85

Black Bear

$  95

  Deer, buck





$  35


$  32



House cat

$  22

  Elk (cow/spike)



$  80

  Elk (mature bull)







$  22

  Pine marten

$  22


$  30


$  22

Mountain goat 

$  85

  Pronghorn antelope

$  95

Moose (cow/spike)



$  22

Moose (immature)



$  33

Moose (mature bull)


  River otter

$  22


$  20


$  22


$  22



$  25

If you don’t see your species on this list, please enquire for pricing; we have the facilities, capabilities, and experience to do any species.

Skulls can be shipped to our facility either “green” or de-fleshed. The latter means removal of skin, eyes, brain, tongue, and excess jaw muscles. The charge for processing a “green” skull is increased by $10 for small species (raccoon, otter, porcupine, etc.), $20 for larger species (deer, elk, bear, cougar, etc.), and increases $30 for large species (bison, moose, hippo, wildebeest, etc.)  Excepting deer, elk, goat, cow, bison, and moose, all prices include processing of the lower jaw as well. For deer, elk, goat, cow, bison, and moose, we charge an extra $20 for the jaw.

Skulls must be shipped to our facility frozen solid and must be well packed in dry ice or similar containment and insulation to prevent thawing in shipment. Pickup and delivery can be arranged in western Washington and Oregon for an additional fee. Specimens can be dropped off at our facility as well. Please contact us here for assistance.

We require a deposit of $50 for bear, cougar, deer, elk, and larger specimens and one half the final amount for the smaller specimens.  The deposit must be included in the initial shipment, pick up or drop off. The balance will be due upon completion of the specimen and appropriate shipping charges and Washington state tax of 7.6% will be added to the final tally at that time. Specimens left over 60 days after notification of completion become the property of Beacon Hill Biological. Cash, personal checks, money orders, charge cards, Paypal (internet payment via credit card) or other pre-arranged methods of payment will be accepted.


Any endangered, threatened, or protected species shipped to or dropped off at our facility must be accompanied by authorization from the appropriate regulatory agency, either your local department of Fish and Wildlife, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, or NOAA Fisheries. This includes marine mammals protected under the Marine Mammal Protection Act, migratory birds protected under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, or other species protected by other state or local regulations.

Human remains will only be accepted from hospitals, coroners, law enforcement agencies or educational institutions, again with authorization.

Please don’t ask; we will not accept the risk.