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Fee Schedule

as of  June 6, 2008 

Remember these are for small groups, i.e., up to 30 students.  The curricula we provide, i.e., the hands-on “ooh and aah” stuff, the “ick” stuff, is not well suited to large group assemblies.  But we can discuss the opportunities and perhaps develop something to meet your specific needs.

 $80.00 per class, minimum 2 classes (field trips extra)

 $325 per day (up to 5 classes)

 $1500 per full 5 day week, as many classes as we can squeeze in

 Travel expenses @ $0.60 per mile

 We can provide either conventional 35 mm slideshows or Powerpoint presentations with a laptop and projector.  We teach specific biological concepts (e.g., riparian habitat values, wetland ecology, cavity using birds, owl biology, salmon life cycles), tell stories, teach comparative anatomy with skulls and skeletons of moles and mice, vipers and pythons, turtles and tarsiers, monkeys and frogs, seals and seal lions, and teach as specifically or generically as desired.  We will tailor all presentations to grade level and make sure that everything is age appropriate, hands-on, and fun!

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