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SALMON BIOLOGY - From Egg to Carcass

In this unit we discuss salmon biology and the life cycle of one of the mightiest and most important species in the Pacific Northwest, from pre-settlement days and historic Indian harvest methods to current stock status and recovery efforts.  We will touch on all aspects of the many salmonid species we have in Washington (and Oregon), focusing on biology, habitat, nutrient recycling, how the salmon is really a farmer of the ocean, bringing back nutrients from the rich marine environment and depositing them in the watersheds, threats to survival, food chain support, and what each individual can do to help.

Spawning Chum Salmon

Hands-on work may include, depending on availability, dissection of a hatchery salmon, investigating the air bladder, anatomy of the gill structure, identification of morphological features, etc., field trips to local hatcheries can be arranged and included as part of the curriculum, and students will be left with an improved view of this majestic fish, its role in the settlement of the west, and the future.

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